Agape Counselling — Langley, BC

Helping you through difficult times.


Do you long for a life worth living?

But somehow, that’s not what you have right now.

You had such dreams and hopes.

Perhaps you still do. You long for good things and satisfying relationships. But something is wrong. It may be that you know what it is. It may be you just don’t understand.

You try to be strong and keep going. The best way to get through this is to ignore the discomfort. You find ways to cope, but disappointment and perhaps even pain keeps eating at you.

Perhaps you just give up altogether and accept a life of grey unhappiness.

If you still sometimes think that maybe life could be better, I am here to help you achieve that.

I offer somewhere that it is okay to be unhappy, or hurt, or angry, or whatever other feelings we have. Those kinds of feelings can get in the way of life, but they are usually trying to tell us something.

We need to get to know those feelings and get to understand what they are about. Then we can begin working towards a life that really is worth living and a you that feels right.

Agape Counselling is the private counselling practice of Lucia Eitzen, MA, CCC.

I offer multilingual counselling in English, German, and Spanish.

How do I get started?


Is this you?

“Is this you?” is worth checking out if you've not done so already.


How this works

Read “How this works” to get a sense if Agape Counselling would be a good fit for you.
There are other pages to read, too, and maybe you will want to think about them as well before making contact.



Contact me if you would like to book a first session or if you have any questions.

Coping with Covid-19

The province of BC allows face to face counselling if safety measures are implemented. To accommodate different needs I now offer these options.

Face to face

1. If you have fever, cough, difficulty breathing, or feel sick please reschedule your appointment or switch to phone/ video-counselling.
2. If you have been in contact with someone who has Covid-19 (tested or having those symptoms), or have been travelling, please let me know. Switching to tele-counselling for 2 weeks is best.
3. I will sanitize the office space before each meeting and we will adhere to the 2 meter physical distancing.
4. Wear a mask and call me when you arrive. I will open the door for you and walk you to the office.

Telephone counselling

You need a good phone connection—best to have a headset or ear pods for your comfort—and a quiet space where you have privacy and won’t be disturbed.