How to contact Lucia

Due to Covid-19, I am now offering telephone and video counselling in addition to in-person counselling. All you need is a quiet space so you can focus on our conversation, and either a good phone or internet connection plus the necessary equipment. If you are in financial distress, and can’t pay the full price for sessions, talk to me and we can discuss a temporary lower rate that is affordable for you at this time.

To make initial contact, please email:

There's an email link at the very top of the page. Or you can copy and paste this address.

I will respond promptly, and we can then speak by telephone if you have questions or there is anything you want to discuss before a first meeting.

The telephone number for Agape Counselling is:

(1) 604-996-0889

Please be aware that it is often not possible to answer an unscheduled call.

Counselling office:

Agape Counselling works out of premises on 96th Avenue, Walnut Grove, Langley.

I will provide precise directions and, when necessary, help with journey planning when a first counselling appointment is made.