The small print is there to protect both of us

Agape's "practice policies" — It's worth taking time to check them out

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Agape Counselling is not an emergency service

Short notice appointments can be difficult, even impossible, to arrange. If you cannot reach me and need immediate support, please call an emergency service.
Fraser Valley Regional Crisis line: (604) 951 8855
Toll free: 1-877-820-7444

Confidentiality is essential, but there are exceptions

Confidentiality is essential to counselling because what a person really needs to share with their counsellor is often precisely what they don’t want anyone else to know.
Counselling associations state that a counsellor has ethical obligations to protect client confidentiality. At the same time, those associations and the law insist there are times when a counsellor must break confidentiality. Short of those times, I will do everything in my power to protect client confidentiality.
Examples of situations requiring a breach of confidentiality are:
  • imminent danger to an identifiable third party
  • reasonable cause to suspect abuse or neglect of a child
  • court ordered disclosure
  • client requested disclosure.
Please do speak with me if you have confidentiality related concerns.

Records are kept in accordance with professional requirements

I keep a brief note of each session secure in locked storage. Together, those notes are sufficient to keep track of counselling issues and progress and to meet professional requirements.
  • If you have questions about record keeping, or need access to those records, please talk to me.

A Counsellor in Private Practice makes her own decisions about who to work with

  • As a counsellor working in private practice it is up to me who I work with.
  • I have to consider the experience I can offer you and my own "scope of competence".
If I do not feel that I am the right person to work with someone, or if I feel unsafe or uncomfortable, then I may decline to provide therapeutic services. Just as confidentiality is essential to counselling, so is a counsellor-client relationship within which both parties feel safe and respected.

Working with Couples means looking out for the safety of both parties

When working with couples I have to be aware of the possibility that there is abusive behaviour within the relationship. I also have to be aware that couple counselling can sometimes make abuse worse instead of better.
If I believe there is abuse within the relationship and the counselling is either not diminishing that abuse or is even making it worse, then I will terminate couple counselling in the interests of both partners. I might recommend individual counselling.

Agape Counselling does not provide mediation nor work with custody disputes

I don’t provide support specifically focusing on divorce and separation, and I don’t wish to become involved in custody battles. So far as possible, I do not wish to become involved in legal matters.
  • There are counsellors and mediation services providing explicitly for those kinds of needs.

Professional support and supervision are essential

It is generally recognized that counselors do a better job if they have professional support and supervision. I have an ongoing support arrangement with an experienced colleague.
This does not mean that your confidentiality will be compromised. Anyone I consult about my work as a counsellor will be bound by the same commitment to confidentiality as myself.

Thinking about communication

Because confidentiality is so important, and communication is central to counselling, I will be asking how I may communicate with you. (Email, landline, cell phone, text message.)
  • I will also explain that under no circumstances will I attempt a counselling conversation by email or text message.
  • Email and text are for scheduling only.

Dealing with concerns and disagreements

Please do address concerns or complaints about any aspect of counselling with me in the first place.
If I am not able to satisfy your concerns, you are then free to contact the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association of which I am a certified member.