Practical considerations like time and cost are important

Questions that matter — Straightforward answers

How often and how long do we meet?

I typically meet with clients once a week, face-to-face, for an hour or more depending on the client’s preference. Many counsellors work to strict 50- or 60-minute hours, but most clients have their own sense how long they need. I try to respect that.

How does that affect cost?

We will agree an hourly rate. I will then charge for the time we spend together worked out to the nearest 5 minutes.

What is the cost and how do I pay?

I charge $120.00 per 60-minute hour. I accept cheques, cash, and e-transfers. Payment is due at the end of session.

Can I email or call you between sessions?

  • Email is not secure. It does not offer confidentiality. I do not provide counselling by email. It is useful for making appointments, but that’s it.
  • If you really need me between scheduled appointments, then we would need to speak by telephone, and I cannot promise to be available. However, I will respond to voicemail or a brief email when I am free. I do charge for telephone consultations that take longer than 5 minutes.

Is your service covered by extended health insurance?

If you have extended health benefits, you may be eligible for some coverage. Check with your insurance provider to find out whether they will reimburse you for a counsellor holding an M.A. degree and certified membership of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

What if I cannot pay the full price?

Talk to me about that.

What if I need to cancel a session?

If you have a scheduling conflict or something unexpected happens, please give me as much notice as possible. I reserve the right to charge for a one-hour session when an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice.

How long will I need to do this counselling thing?