Is this you? If so, you're not alone and counselling may help.

If you can identify with even just a little of this, there's a reason life might feel difficult.

Growing up a ‘good kid’ and with high hopes you went to school, married your sweetheart, started your career, and had kids.
You had it all.
But you feel empty inside, just going through the motions and feeling guilty. You are asking What is wrong with me?

You survived abuse, deceit, and lack of love. You want to forget about it.
You find ways to lock it away. You are hardworking and successful.
But the relationships in your life keep falling apart.
You try again to bury the pain.

Unanticipated tragedy has come into your world, and you are overwhelmed.
Control has been ripped away.
Disoriented and numb you don’t know where to start getting to grips with it all.

You have a pretty good life. But sometimes fear and worry, or hopelessness and despair, overpower you. You don't know why this is happening.
You saw a professional who diagnosed you with an anxiety disorder (or depression) and prescribed medication to make your feelings more tolerable.
The intensity of your emotions lessens, and you get used to the side effects of the meds, but they don’t solve anything.


There are good reasons here to want someone to talk to.

When feelings become too strong, you can’t stand it.
Even when they are good feelings, you must look for ways to numb yourself out or find a distraction.
You know that’s just a temporary fix. Something is wrong, and you don’t know what.

Even though you are struggling, you are reluctant to seek a counsellor.
You don’t want to be seen as mentally ill.
You have had unpleasant counselling experiences in the past.
You didn’t feel understood. The ‘treatment’ didn’t work.
Will this be any different?

You long to be appreciated and cherished.
You have tried different ways of getting that need met.
But it seems to be a hole that nothing can fill.

You stay away from religious mumbo jumbo, but recently something happened that has you questioning all kinds of things.
You feel a need to talk about it but, you don’t know where you can.
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